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RBC-TV expands coverage

Moscow, September 16, 2010 — Today, RBC-TV - RBC Group – announces that it has reached a partnership agreement with the company "Tricolor TV".

RBC-TV was included into the new package of TV channels by the satellite television provider Trikolor TV, which began to broadcast from the Eutelsat W7 satellite in February 2010. From now on, Trikolor TV subscribers all across the country will be able to watch economic, financial and political news from Russia and other countries; get analytical reviews, forecasts and commentary of experts, leading politicians and business people; watch specific programs on topical issues in the Russian business world.

Trikolor TV has the highest rate of subscribers among Russian providers of satellite television. In a 5-year period of operation, the amount of subscribers exceeded 5 million people. Currently, 80% of those who watch digital television also subscribe to Trikolor TV.

It should also be mentioned that the satellite technologies of TV-signal transfer allow Trikolor TV to make the TV channels available to regions where the quality of TV-signal reception is poor. As Vyacheslav Mordachev, General Director of Trikolor TV, noted, Trikolor TV has been dubbed “National satellite TV” by subscribers thanks to the fact that it is so widely available.

“Starting now, RBC-TV will be available to the millions of Trikolor TV subscribers,” said Artyom Inutin, RBC Media General Director, “and with that, RBC-TV continues its steady expansion in the Russian regions.”

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