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RBC announces 10% increase in advertising rates

Moscow, October 1, 2010. — Today, OJSC RBC-TV Moscow announces a 10-percent increase in advertising prices for the business print segment starting on October 1, 2010, and for television and Internet starting on January 1, 2011. The increase has been prompted by the Russian advertising market’s recovery and companies’ shift to long-term advertising budget planning.

"We have made the decision to raise advertising rates thanks to advertisers’ strong demand for RBC’s core audience. The Company has a large and loyal target audience base, not to mention an extensive client base that appreciates the advantages of advertising on RBC’s resources. This is the first price increase since 2008, and we plan to return to our standard practice of annual price increases to keep up with the media inflation rate," said German Kaplun, General Director of RBC-TV Moscow.

According to TNS Russia, the total audience of RBC’s online resources stood at 39.7 million unique users as of the end of August, and the number of users in Russia amounted to 16.4 million people. RBC has sustained fourth place in accordance with audience size on the Russian Internet market. In August alone, the monthly audience of RBC-TV reached 15.2 million viewers and the daily audience - 2.1 million viewers.

According to TNS Russia’s data for the period of March-July 2010, RBC’s business titles proved to be among the leaders in their respective segments. The RBC Daily newspaper, for one, ranked second among daily business newspapers according to average issue readership (AIR) in Moscow. The publication boasted an AIR of 77,500 people in March-July 2010. Furthermore, the RBC magazine is the most popular business monthly periodical in Moscow: its average issue readership in the capital stands at 329,500 people, and it is the second most popular publication in Russia, with an average issue readership at 1.017 million people.

According to market players, demand for advertising on online resources and TV has been increasing thanks to the undervalued average cost of reaching a TV and Internet audience compared with other media. Another factor is the recovery in consumption on the markets of advertised products and the emergence of new brands and services, along with new types of advertisers. Meanwhile, demand for advertising on specialized and niche projects intended for affluent audiences is being fueled by a gradual recovery in the personal incomes of Russians, which is sparking greater public interest.

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