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Salon Press expands its interior design titles range

Moscow, December 26, 2007. - The Salon Press publishing house, a subsidiary of the RBC holding (MICEX, RTS: RBCI), has completed acquisition of a 100% stake in the Kvartirny Otvet magazine. Salon Press has also received exclusive rights to publish the legendary Italian architecture, design and art magazine Domus. Both publications successfully complement the leading Russian interior design publisher's product line and are set to boost its readership, as well as to create additional advertising opportunities for its clients.

"The publishing house's development strategy implies continuous optimization of its product range in line with the market requirements. Kvartirny Otvet targets general audience, while Domus is intended for a more dedicated reader," Salon Press General Director Sergei Shustov said.

Kvartirny Otvet is a unique monthly about home improvement and interior design with detailed elaboration on projects, discussion of designer decisions, and description of materials used. The magazine is a sequel of the popular Kvartirny Vopros television show aired on the NTV channel. The Kvartirny Otvet magazine's circulation is around 50,000 copies, distributed both through retail outlets and by subscription. As with Salon Press publications, readers collect Kvartirny Otvet issues and circulate among friends and relatives. A reader survey showed that one copy of the magazine is on average read by 3 people.

The change in ownership will not entail changes in the editorial office, as the project leader Natalia Maltseva will head the TV show and the magazine. "I am very pleased that Kvartirny Otvet has found its place under the umbrella of the Salon Press publishing house. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of the team, which has been operating within the interior design press segment for 14 years now, the magazine's leadership potential will finally be fulfilled," Maltseva said.

A license agreement for the right to exclusively publish the Domus magazine in Russia has been signed between Salon Press and Editoriale Domus. The Domus magazine was first released in Italy in 1928, and for 80 years has maintained the status of a highly professional publication for a dedicated reader. Architects, developers, construction company executives, and designers, as well as students and teachers with related specializations read the magazine on a regular basis. The estimated circulation of the Domus magazine will be approximately 20,000 copies. The magazine's distribution will be subscription-based, and it will also be sold through premium-class retail chains.

Being a clear in the interior design niche for many years, Salon Press currently publishes a number of thematic magazines, which include SALON Interior, Idei Vashego Doma, Novy Dom, Interyer ot A do Ya, as well as the Mercedes and the Zhenshchina Za Rulyom car magazines. Since 2006 Salon Press has become part of the RBC holding.

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